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    Before You Buy
    Before you buy a Display Rack System, detect your place . Decide how much space you will devote to the Display Rack System. When deciding your Display Rack System place, please pay attention to how most visual this spot in your store, which model Display Rack System you will use in this place and also size of the space and possibility of installation. Consider you may want to add your Display Rack System in the future.

    In direction of your decidings, you may examine our products or you can contact us.

    And also, have a look at our frequently asked questions.

    With Our Respects

    Anametal Team Service

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should I choose Anametal Display Rack Systems?
    Anametal Display Rack Systems can serve you one of the best service in this market.
    What is the quality standart of your products?
    We have the international quality standards. We have QMS in our all processes.
    How durable are your products?
    We use quality steel and high strength structural steel tubing . Also we use powder coating process for a durable finishing.
    Do you have warranty for your products?
    We have 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects.
    Do you manufacture only these models or can you manufacture a special model as well?
    You may contact with us for your special designs requests, we will be glad to serve you with our skilled designers and engineers.
    Is there any size description of your products in your web site?
    You can find the dimensions of all products in our website. If you have any question about the dimensions, please contact with our technical department.
    Do you have the installation description of your products? Can we make the installation by ourselves or you have to give an installation service?
    We have the installation manuals for our products. You can easily install our products by yourself .


    If you request installation service, please contact with our sales department.

    Do we have to pick up the products from your place or do you have an overseas shipment?
    Most of our sales are Exworks but if you request an overseas shipment, our skilled logistics department can serve you the best service.
    Do you have a quantity limitation for orders?
    We don’t have a quantity limitation for your orders.
    What is the payment terms for orders?
    Please contact with our sales department.
    What is the delivery terms for orders?
    We use Incoterms 2010
    How do you make your products packaging?
    We use durable packaging avoid shipment defects.
    Do you have an after sale service?
    Please contact with our sales department for after sale service.

    Anametal Logo

    We are Committed,

    Brilliant Idea , Correct Design and Perfect Manufacturing

    Focused on the worldwide need for display rack system solutions, Anametal Display Rack Systems?specializes in developing and marketing environmentally-friendly display rack system solutions for Carpet Display Racks ,Ceramic Tile Racks, Mattress Display Racks including Pillow Display Racks , Textile Display Racks, Curtain Display Racks.

    Our products are guaranteed with the necessary quality certificates . Our flexible manufacturing which is provided with special design and all of our projects, with our facility who has trained , experienced and powerful staff , aim to provide more easily services to our customers.

    Contact Us For Further Information